Personalized hotel room rates based on your social status

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Interesting. So different rates based on marital status and other types of demographic information?
@timjahn I should be more clear in the tagline, but status based on three factors: (1) your social media profiles (2) hotel loyalty points and (3) frequent flyer miles
If there are some science behind discount than it's interesting. But it feels like another marketing play.
Been waiting for @ZeevSharon to launch this :) Nice work
@timjahn @nikitakorotaev Hotelied matches unique travelers with personalized discounts based on (1) trip parameters, (2) travel frequency (i.e., travel loyalty status), (3) social influence and (4) professional demographics (i.e., industry). It recognizes the fact that not all travelers represent the same value to hotels, and allows hotels to offer better rates to travelers who are likely to (1) spend more today, (2) spend more in the future (repeat business) or (3) influence others to spend (either because they are tastemakers or have large social media following). It allows for better alignment of the interests of both parties. Similarly to a dating site, both the hotel and the traveler create profiles, both indicate what they're looking for in the other party, and Hotelied does the matching.