A Telegram bot designed to track hotel room prices

Just provide a link to a hotel from the website, and it will send you a notification as soon as the room price changes. The bot will allow you to book hotels at the lowest price, saving you up to 60% of the room rate.

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1 Review5.0/5
Very quick and easy to use. Booked my next trip already πŸ˜ƒ
James ShamenskiRunning a small dev shop. Love emoji.
@vladyslav_grabarskyy how long have you been using HotelHunt? It doesn't make sense that today, this service is launched a price tracking tool and you made a booking on day one. The apparent launch announcement from the founder =
@gladrobot I've been using this bot since last week.
Denys Lishchenko
@vladyslav_grabarskyy @gladrobot Hello James. We launched 3 weeks ago. It took us a while to get the producthunt page. Sorry, I don't use twitter too much and last post that you mentioned it is just sharing this producthunt page. We already have tons of created trackings and some of our users booked what they were tracking. If you have some feedback or questions you can send it directly to us via telegram:
this would be awesome for long term airbnbs ...