Hotel My Phone

Borrow a friend's phone & use it as your own.

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Although a niche use case (from my experience), this is really creative. I'm curious and concerned about the security, particularly since it's routing text messages through their service.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment. I'm Denzil, a co-founder of Hotel My Phone. We think it's fun and creative too! When we came up with Hotel My Phone our first thought was privacy and security of information on the cloud and a friend’s device. So we built the app around sharing it to your close friends and family - your trusted network. And we take privacy and security seriously, when you “check-in” on a friend’s device nothing is stored locally and when you “check-out” or after 4 hours, no trace is left behind. So both the device owner and you can be sure not to see/share any information. Our driving focus has been we believe the information belongs to the user and we are only entrusted to help them better access and use it from wherever is best for them.
Hotel My Phone is an app that lets you temporarily borrow a friend’s phone. Securely check-in on your friend’s phone to Text & Call with your number! See your own contacts Send/receive your text messages Make phone calls with your regular phone number
Happy to answer any questions about Hotel My Phone (I am one of the co-founders). It's a brand new concept, where you can share your phone or borrow your friend's phone when you are stuck. We are calling it peer-to-peer phone sharing. Love to hear people's thoughts and comments
Gizmodo just named 'Hotel my Phone' one of the top apps of the week!
Liking this trend of rental services of "hard" goods, esp. when traveling. Explora comes to mind: