Find out how old you really look

This is a fun little side project made by a friend of mine. The concept's pretty simple: add your picture and the community will try to guess your age!
Thank you very much for the submission Ria. Hi All! I've spent the last few months building this by myself and really looking forward to see how the world takes it. Horu was initially inspired by the Microsoft 'how-old' app. The problem with the Microsoft app was that the result was usually horribly inaccurate; it made me wonder how someone could find a realistic answer to how old they look. I look forward to any feedback you may have. Thanks!
As someone who's always seemed to have a baby face, I'm intrigued to get actual feedback from a community to see how old they think I look. The problem I've had in the past is that apps aren't necessarily the most reliable and very often can give very random age numbers. Looking forward to trying this out! Good luck @pezza192 😄
@haidersyed Exactly the reason that I made this app! People at work always said I look young (I'm 23, I don't want to look young!), so this was to see if they were right or not. Thank you for your feedback!
This is a fun app and its a good UI. But you must be prepared....women don't like to talk about their age :) So I'm wondering about authenticity etc.
@rosegarg9 Hi Rose. That's a good point, I hope that people will realise that the likely hood of someone you know seeing you on horu is extremely unlikely, especially as more photos get uploaded :)