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Unified notification center for the web

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Hi, I am Mohit - CEO, Horntell. I am happy to answer questions and take feedback. I've recently written a Medium post on Everything about Horntell: https://medium.com/@mohitmamoria....
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@mohitmamoria Would love a Safari extension!
Notifications are always around us, but we always tend to miss out on important ones and usualt end us facing spam ones. A dedicated notification tool is what can overcome the limitations of using communication tools (emails and texts) as notification tool. Thanks for building this.
@misbahspeaks Aptly put.. aesthetics of a notification collecting tool must be different from communication tool. Thanks for your words. :)
Amazing product. We need this for every SAAS application. Been Beta User and just love it. Good luck to the team :)
@harshamv Thanks Harsha. You've been a good early adopter on our publisher side. :)
There's a couple of other notification aggregators out there, which makes me wonder -- will we ever see a notification centre for notification centres? Hmm... (neat product! thanks for your work!)
@ryanjamurphy Excellent point. Yes, there are other aggregators out there too. The purpose of building this one is to drive the momentum of notifications as "Actionable Cards". According to us, that is the key piece in unleashing the power of notifications that provide full product experience right inside themselves. :)
The concept is really nice, now we can send push notification on the web also with some simple steps of integration using Horntell. Best of luck guys..:)
@ankit07dhawan Sure Ankit. It takes max 15 mins for businesses to integrate with Horntell. If you need a helping hand.. please feel free to drop me an email mohit@horntell.com. :) Thanks for the wishes.