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Hi, I am Mohit - CEO, Horntell. I am happy to answer questions and take feedback. In case, you don't know, the homepage has a hidden Easter Egg. See if you can hunt it. (Hint: :p) ----------------- A little story if you're keen to know "why this product makes sense"? It started out as a side project, but an interesting trend made us focus on it full time. In 1990s, software use-cycle looked like this: "buy-satisfy hardware requirements-install-upgrade-maintain". On other side, developers had to write software for various hardware and operating systems. Web changed this. All we required was a web browser and internet connection. But the same trend can be observed in mobile. Users have to go through same "buy-install-upgrade-maintain" cycle, and developers have to worry about building same app for various platforms and form factors. Something would change this pattern, I believe. That "something", we believe can be "actionable notifications". Insights like this (http://readwrite.com/2015/03/13/...) and this (http://blog.intercom.io/the-end-...) make us sure of our assumptions. But they are just insights, not prophecies, so, yeah - it depends! But actionable notifications are strong candidate for future, when apps would go INVISIBLE. :) (More FAQs like this here: http://horntell.com/faq#product).
@mohitmamoria when is your chrome extension coming ?
eagerly waiting for your mobile app..
Looks pretty interesting, I like the example of the in notification CTA. Will try it out.
@cluelessmuppet Thanks Kevin! Also, we've planned features that allow a lot more to be done in notification. :)
I have used Horntell as well as some similar products. We have got the best results from Horntell and that is why I am here to recommend it. Easy to integrate and the notifications aren't jarring (in terms of the UI) like some of the others. Good product.
I love this product! Super simplification of notification via API, we are integrating it @Explara (https://ww.explara.com)
@Explara @santoshpanda Thanks Santosh for your kind words! You've been a very understanding and supporting early adopter. Looking forward to get it running on @Explara soon. (And kudos on your recent launch!)
The notifications are not interfering with regular flow of app and are still effective (because they get things done on the spot). I can make some nice use cases of it.
@harshamv Thanks Harsha! If I can put one anchor in our design process, it'd be, "it should not interfere with the normal flow of publisher". All our design decisions revolved around it. Good to know that it got noticed! Also, I'll ping you on Twitter to know your ideas about use-cases. :)