Couchsurfing/Airbnb within your own trusted network

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Drew, one of the co-founders here. We're excited to launch Horizon to a private beta (currently iOS only) for members of the Product Hunt community. Horizon delivers trusted contacts (Facebook friends, friends of friends, and common group members) by location with the initial focus of hospitality exchange. Those of you in the Product Hunt Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/...) will be able to find one another from within the app using the Product Hunt filter, and indicate whether or not you have a floor, couch, or spare bedroom for out-of-towners passing through. We've been testing with the Start-Up Chile community (we are a member of Generation 10) in Santiago. The revenue model we're testing first is a flat fee + optional donation to a charity of choice (Kiva is the chosen charity for now). Would love to know whether you belong to other communities that would want their own private hospitality exchange.
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@drewmeyers I do this all the time with my facebook network and it works really well to find people you trust to stay with. Any plans for web app? Curious what @davidspinks thinks about this
@drewmeyers congrats on your progress, I see everything really coming together!
@FrankDenbow Thanks Frank! Web app is on its way. We're working on it concurrently with the iOS app, it's just not as far along.
I spoke with @davidspinks about a week ago.. @FrankDenbow
Friend of the founders here. I personally love the idea of traveling and staying with people that I have a shared connection with, but might not already know. Opens up huge possibilities for traveling and staying with locals, while reducing cost but also increasing trust. Super pumped for this to be live for more communities.
@roryreiff Thanks for the support. I'm sure I'll be staying on your couch somewhere in the next year, somewhere in the world.
Great product. Excited seeing this here on PH!! Was introduced to it via Trace @drewmeyers and been playing with the beta.
@erikfinman and I had this idea last year since he travels a ton and we had many friends who do so as well who frequently posted in FB groups asking if anyone could host them.
@erikfinman @tzhongg Same. We see this happening on Facebook and Twitter constantly. "Going to Berlin next week, any [members of X group] wanna meet up/have a place to crash." We're hoping that Horizon can help formalize the process.
It's a very nice idea, and I like the design, but it only found 3 groups, while I'm a member of more than 20 groups on facebook. Is that a feature or a bug? (do you pre-approve groups manually?)
@federicopistono Definitely a feature, not a bug. Beyond the “Horizon Public” group which anyone can join, the only communities that currently show up inside Horizon are ones we’ve specifically made visible. Is there a specific community that you think would want to use Horizon?