Horcrux Email Backup

Super simple email backups for the Mac 💫

Horcrux Email Backup is an easy to use Email Backup product for the Mac. Our internet worlds revolve around emails, the protection of them hasn’t been on many of our minds until calamity strikes. In case that happens, it'll let you move your emails with a click.

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Excited to share Horcrux with PH. Horcrux helps you backup your emails easily onto your hard drive. It helps you create Time Machine like snapshots where you can go back in time and restore any missing data. It does have this "Undelete" feature which comes in handy at times. You can also take help from Horcrux to move your emails between different providers. Let me know if you guys have any questions.
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Nice idea @suhastech! Just a note for your bugfixes: it crashed when I added an Office365 account. Seems to work fine after restarting the app, and is now backing up, but the crash didn't look nice 😉 Perhaps a walk-through adding of first account would be nice - and to prompt for preferences(e.g. how frequent backups, and most important: where to save the backups!)
@vpiskunov Hey, Glad you like the idea. It is slightly rough on the edges. We just came out of a big rewrite of the internals. Would love it if you can drop the crash report in the support section. Lots of new features on the horizon. We'll be supporting more protocols like LDAP (for SMBs), POP and other backup connectors for S3, Drive etc.
We already use this to help migrate clients from a IMAP provider to GSUITE. The internal migration tool from Google requires SSL, not all clients have that available. With the app we can easily migrate. It would be helpfull if you can setup multiple migrations in a queue, and rerun migrations easily to update any new messages. +1 :)
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@nielsvr Hey Niels, Thanks for the kind words! You can already do that with an admitted less marketed feature called 'Hooks'. We probably need to work on making and marketing it better. It'll let you migrate your new emails as soon as a backup is completed giving you more redundancies (and more Horcruxes 😉). The idea is something like Zapier. https://thehorcrux.com/hooks-for... Click on the 'Hook' icon in the Accounts Preferences tab.
@suhastech hmm I've just updated from the App Store and now the app inmediatly crashes after trying to add an account (the migration tab does work). Lets connect :)
Great job!! 😊 Would love an Windows 10 option to backup?
@ayush_chandra Currently, the Mac is the niche we need to excel at. Would think about Windows in the future.
Good luck suhas
@suhastech Is there a way to search through eml files once backed up? A lot of 'em are windows-based, anything on mac as far as you know?
@tatoalo Yup, there is a browser in the app where you can search inside every snapshot.