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Great to be here (thanks for the recommendation @erictwillis). We're delighted to be mentioned in the same breadth as Netflix, but we also try to be about even more - we're all about linking kids favourite TV shows to a whole curriculum of learning games that customise to the shows they've been watching. Excited to hear what everyone thinks...
@erictwillis second the thanks, Eric & @daualset for posting it on PH. Any questions, shoot!
@marmarlade When do you think you'll expand outside of the UK?
@erictwillis can't tell you exactly, but we've made a promise to ourselves that we'll be in at least one other country by the time National Souffle Day rolls around so we can celebrate in style...
@marmarlade Ok. Thanks and good luck with everything.
@daualset - UK only for the moment, but watch this space...
Safe, ad-free TV & learning app for pre-schoolers (UK only right now?)
As a French native parent living in the US, I would love to have French series available for my kids abroad. Something Netflix doesn't do because each content is selected regarding to your country. Would you be available to do such a thing ? They are missing their French so quickly !