A simple app to visualize where on Earth you haven't been.

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Hey all! My name's Will - I'm one of the guys behind Hopscotch along with @oneyenjug. We built Hopscotch to show you where you've been and where you still need to explore. Earn points as you uncover the Earth and see how you rank against other explorers. It's a fun, easy way to visualize your travels or your everyday commute. Ideally, Hopscotch makes it exciting to explore that street you've never walked. It's working for me so far :) Happy to answer any questions!
@willydennis @oneyenjug Congrats, Will! Looks awesome :)
@willydennis @oneyenjug Awesome seeing this go from idea to fruition! looks great!
@willydennis @oneyenjug Very cool can you guys add FS, Yelp, FB, integration so we can get points for all the places I have been :(
@johnnyquachy @oneyenjug something we're considering for upcoming builds. thanks Johnny!
I feel like uncovering the map in GTA when watching your video! awesome idea!
I don't leave SF's SOMA/Tenderloin enough. Now I must so I can beat @nbashaw in the leaderboard. :P @willydennis - previously you were working on Hollerback at Techstars. Why did you move onto Hopscotch? That must be a tough decision to move onto something completely different.
@nbashaw is exploring like a mad man! good luck taking him down :) Love you asking the tough questions @rrhoover, haha! It was definitely a painful decision to move away from Hollerback but I believe it was the right one. Our team looks to build products that are unique and have the potential, if they resonate, to be massive. After looking at our numbers and competition (SnapChat, FB Messenger, iMessage all released similar features within a 2-3 week period) it became hard to see a way to really break through the noise. In consumer mobile I think one of the most important questions mass market consumers need answered (for word of mouth to really hit) is "How is this significantly different from everything else that's out there?" That question became really hard for us to answer. So we've been building and testing fresh ideas from there. Hopscotch is just something we wanted to exist. Hopefully there are others who like it too. Who knows, we may have a few more products coming around the bend :)
@willydennis #respect. Consumer social is competitive space and within it, photo/video-based apps are crowded. Even if you make a kickass product, breaking through the noise (press, paid acquisition, app store rankings, etc.) is a challenge. I love the fog of war metaphor you're playing with here. It's giving me Starcraft flashbacks. How are you measuring engagement and success since this is an app that's mostly used in the background track your movements?
@rrhoover painfully true - though PH is helping with the noise. #brownnosing engagement is a tough one for the reasons you mentioned, right now we're looking at app opens plus general usage (are people's points increasing steadily? do power users seem to be emerging?). definitely rough right now but we'll be looking to refine over time as we see how/when people are using.
Love this a lot. A lot of apps take us out of the "real world", this looks like a fun way to push people to get out and explore more.
@lee94josh thanks Joshua!
Awesome, I just downloaded it. Can't wait to try this as someone also building (completely different!) software called Hopscotch ;-)