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Guy Gamzu
Thank you everyone for the warm welcoming and support. It has been so overwhelming that we had to readjust for the overload and some of you couldn't get in 😱 This sucks! So anyone wishing to get in right now, simply send an email to chat@gethop.com After you get our reply simply use the email you used to contact us at support and you'll be in. Granted.
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Erez Pilosof
@pilosof · Founder, Hop
Update: we're seeing huge demand, temporally we have to queue new users :( we'll notify you in the coming days, sorry for the issue, we want to provide a great experience ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Code for early access is… See more
Seb Kreutzberger
@skreutzb · SwiftyBeaver, Founder & CEO
Just downloaded it and played a bit with some test emails. Here are my comments: 1. the onboarding is absolutely mind-blowing! 2. do you store my emails on your servers? 3. smart virality idea with putting a referer link under each email. It seems to also contain the was-email-opened pixel. But still, can I turn it off for some more serious email conversatio… See more
Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Ok so I'm super excited about Hop, which I've been testing for the past few weeks. 1. The sign up process is brilliant. Code for early access is: producthunt 2. It makes your inbox feel just like Messenger. You get through your inbox much faster because it feels less formal, and when you're talking with other Hop users there's even the "typing..." signal.… See more
Hillel Fuld
@hilzfuld · CMO @ZCastApp, Startup Advisor, Blogger
Super duper team and execution here. @pilosof, would love to hear more about what the future is for Hop. I have dreams. Haha
Noni Israel
@noniisrael · CEO & Co-Founder, Funnster
Love the on-boarding flow, really unique! Awesome work guys!