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Update: we're seeing huge demand, temporally we have to queue new users :( we'll notify you in the coming days, sorry for the issue, we want to provide a great experience ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Code for early access is: producthunt ** Gooooooood morning Hunters and thank you @nivo0o0 for hunting us! We started Hop 3 years ago with a vision of building a whole new email experience. I love the openness of email and its asynchronous nature. I love that everyone has it. I love that it simultaneously serves us on so many facets of life, ranging from work to interest to commerce. So if it’s such an amazing medium, why do we feel frustrated about it too often? Sign of times. After all, email is 45 years old and its protocol wasn’t really planned for the way we communicate today. Our inspiration was modern communication (which simulates a natural conversation flow), while keeping all the good things email has. We designed Hop to help you get things done, to prioritize stuff, to be responsive and respectful of everyone’s time, and most importantly: to be more expressive and effective in communicating. We have been working tediously to build an innovative layer over open email protocol with flawless synchronization to the different email service providers. It’s a seamless yet crucial layer of what enables us to provide you with what you’re about to experience. We are launching here with an exclusive code for you, our Product Hunt friends. Download the app and use the code “producthunt” to sign up! Here's a shortlist of Hop superpowers: —Conversation view: for easy reading and encouraging brevity —Important messages vs. everything else: we sort for you. What you see is what’s important —Groups: open, effortless communication —Actions en masse: one tap to clean up inboxes faster than ever —Swipe like a boss: gestures let you shortcut like a ninja —Visual U/I for attachments: find files visually —Arsenal of expression: doodles, gifs, videos, and voice recordings to comment with more expression than email has ever had —All seeing-All Knowing Calendar: one view aggregates all events from Google Cal, Apple cal, and Facebook
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@pilosof @nivo0o0 Great job Erez! Good luck!
@pilosof @nivo0o0 Awesome work Erez! Make E-mail great again!
@pilosof Nice job. looks awesome and I'll be giving it a go I am, however, in two minds whether this format is a good thing or not.... I wonder if emails should feel more like messaging or whether they shouldn't. It totally makes sense in one side of it for sure....theres just something in my brain making me think about it ha.
@pilosof @nivo0o0 @chrismessina @guygamzu How do you secure the emails on your server? How is this diffrent from Mailtime?! Or any other email in realtime "messenger" format? I'd like to know the answer to this pretty important question myself! This is my fear: "FriendFinder messed up in a few ways. For one, the company either stored user passwords in plaintext, without any protection, or hashed them using the notoriously weak SHA1 algorithm, according to LeakedSource."
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@pilosof is custom IMAP support on the roadmap?
Just downloaded it and played a bit with some test emails. Here are my comments: 1. the onboarding is absolutely mind-blowing! 2. do you store my emails on your servers? 3. smart virality idea with putting a referer link under each email. It seems to also contain the was-email-opened pixel. But still, can I turn it off for some more serious email conversations? :D 4. everything worked 100% out-of-the box. Great! 5. I think you are onto something huge! Very well done, I am already a believer!
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@skreutzb Thank you for sharing the comments. 1/ Thanks 😊 2/ yes 3/ Sure! goto settings / account settings / signature and customize it to your liking (html pasting works too) 4/ Oh, cool 😎 5/ We sure hope so... its been 4 years with no daylight ;))
@guygamzu re #2: how do you secure the emails on your server?
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@guygamzu #2 = dealbreaker.
@chrismessina @guygamzu everything is highly encrypted
@chrismessina @guygamzu Would love to have an answer of this before using it. Very good product though.
Ok so I'm super excited about Hop, which I've been testing for the past few weeks. 1. The sign up process is brilliant. Code for early access is: producthunt 2. It makes your inbox feel just like Messenger. You get through your inbox much faster because it feels less formal, and when you're talking with other Hop users there's even the "typing..." signal. It's just like Messenger. 3. Personal Fav: There's a GIF button that, whatever you search for, it auto-overlays the search term on top of the first option 😊😊😊 which makes your GIF responses (effortlessly) seem very personal 😜 Code for early access is: producthunt
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Also, fun fact, @pilosof is also the founder of walla.co.il which was like "the internet" for Israeli internet users in Web 1.0 days (was my homepage for years as a kid 👶)
@nivo0o0 @pilosof Hop is super cool and sleek! BTW Niv, it's awesome that you like the personal GIF - it's us :)
@nivo0o0 this is amazing!!! Weird question: I've got 2 phantom "unread" messages that I can't seem to clear off, who can I contact?
@nivo0o0 tnx for reminding me my age ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 😜
Super duper team and execution here. @pilosof, would love to hear more about what the future is for Hop. I have dreams. Haha
Love the on-boarding flow, really unique! Awesome work guys!