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Thanks for sharing @harrystebbings! This integration means that Hootsuite users can now search YouTube, review My Videos & Playlist streams, moderate comments, and publish & schedule videos (along with much more). YouTube is available on both Hootsuite web and mobile apps. Needless to say, we’re really excited. Please comment with any questions / feedback!
@aegrnt @harrystebbings wow schedule youtube videos? do you upload title, description, meta tags all through hootsuite?
@davidsmooke @harrystebbings yep you can set all those parameters through Hootsuite and then set video to be private or unlisted with a specific date & time to go public
Absolutely love this from @mattddrchs so awesome and makes the whole @hootsuite process so much easier. Brilliant stuff!
@harrystebbings BAM! Thanks for sharing pal!
@mattddrchs you make great products that deserve sharing no thanks required! Love it!
I love this idea but is this only through the paid version?
@leonhitchens Nope, live to our whole 10+ million userbase—Free, Pro, and Enterprise included! #videoforall