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Hey folks! Turns out Instagram is kind of a big deal and our users have been clamouring for us to integrate it into our social media management platform — so we did! Today we’re launching Hootsuite for Instagram, making it easy to schedule and manage your Instagram photos alongside Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. Key features: * Schedule posts to Instagram and receive a push notification when the post is ready to publish * Add multiple streams so you can quickly swipe between your personal Instagram account and your professional accounts * Save searches for popular or branded hashtags so you can easily engage at the right moment * Zoom in, save, or reshare images in a few clicks * Securely share access so images are queued up for approval before they are published We would love to hear your feedback. Either comment below or reach out to us on Twitter (@Hootsuite_Help) if you have any questions.
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@larsvedo Is this a new option via the Instagram api to allow access for posting?
@blendahtom @larsvedo Sadly no new posting APIs from Instagram. We're using the common approach of sending our users a notification when their post is ready and deep linking them into the Instagram app itself.
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@larsvedo Wow this is great! I actually just canceled my Hootsuite because of the lack of scheduled instagram posting! I guess I'll have to come back :)
This is huge! Is this the first officially sanctioned posting app for Instagram?
Hi @timdorr, as mentioned above there isn't a new Instagram API for posting so we're sending users a notification when their post is ready. The core value we're providing is the ability to schedule reminders, have posts go through approval flows, and share access to your Instagram account with other collaborators without having to give them full access.
@larsvedo @timdorr Ah, bummer. I figure if anyone was going to get it first, it would be you guys :)
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@timdorr we do publishing, at buffergram.com — we use automated phones connected to a server (just like others use an agency). It's using the latest official Instagram app, and not some shady API hacks like previous services attempted to. Just thought I'd mention it.
This is so great! Leave it to Hootsuite to make it happen!
@social_savants Thank you! Let us know what you think.
Reminder is nice way to circumvent the API restriction from Instagram . I like the idea . like many ppl mentioned above . Not exactly what I was looking for ( ability to post via third party client on web) but at any rate something is better than nothing. Good Luck
Thanks for the feedback @pacificleo. Through beta testing with our clients we found some really valued the ability to give limited access to a broader user base while centralizing the ability to actually post.
Great! I was waiting for such thing! Awesome!
@angeliquetoque Thanks! Ping us anytime with your feedback.