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Hootsuite lets you manage all of your social networks in one place. Collaborate with team members, measure engagement with analytics, schedule posts in bulk, and curate content with our new Suggested Content recommendation engine. Sign up before December 14th, and get 60 free days of Hootsuite Pro with a free 1:1 coaching session. Just go to http://signup.hootsuite.com/prod... and follow the steps to sign up and add your coupon.
If you run into any signup issues just let me know and I'll make sure to hook you up :)
only one real good thing i find there - suggested posts. :)
The problem is that you cannot tag people inside Hootsuite, that is why I only use it for Twitter. It is also considered as "third party" app for Facebook, which Facebook will not actively show on someones timeline, Postplanner is for its collaboration with Facebook as 2nd party application more usefull for Facebook alot of Social Media experts state.