Think it. Blog it. Destroy it. It's Twitter meets Snapchat.

I kind of do this with Twitter already by automatically delete tweets that are older than x number of days.
@alxmlv Hi Alex, good point. However most people don't and it becomes a permanent record of your views. If someone goes for a job interview and a Google search brings up their Twitter handle, and something they wrote two years ago could harm their chances. Same for companies, they can harm their brand with just one undeleted tweet. Twitter will be getting rid of 140 characters at some point in the future. It's a big mistake on their part.
@michaelsuppo @alxmlv Why do you think Twitter getting rid of 140 characters is a mistake? What prevents someone from screenshotting what you say?
@liora_ good question - 140 characters sums up Twitter's brand - short bursts of information. Users have learned to get to the point quickly and people take information in much quicker. That's why tweets do so well. Once they get rid of it, twitter loses part of its identity. As for screenshots, that is true, but it's not too relevant here. Hooti is much more about protecting users in the future when employers do their research.
@michaelsuppo Interesting -- how about in the case with tweetstorms? I often find that people just stack tweets instead of shortening their message by much.
@michaelsuppo What are some use cases where Hooti would potentially be a better fit than either Snapchat or Twitter? As in, what would be specific examples of 'thoughts' that we'd like to be out there for just a limited time? Also, you say you think lifting the character limit is a big mistake. I'd argue that Twitter's core asset isn't some arbitrary limit, but rather the network (or graph) itself. A network which your app initially wouldn't have. Any thoughts on how you plan to tackle that?
I think that one of the big reasons snapchat works is because the content's visibility is limited to a certain amount of time for each single viewer within a 24 hour period-- but it is viewable to your complete audience on their time (not yours). From what I understand here-- I can share a piece of content for one minute, potentially to a seriously tiny audience. I personally think the app looks nice, but if the overall objective is to protect individuals in the future from posts in the past, why not build something with that functionality on top of existing networks?
Hi @ezmo22 - thanks for your feedback! Hooti is intended to be for the posting user's control, not for their followers. Users will be more honest knowing they dictate when their post will disappear. The reason Hooti is a standalone app is because it's our mission to protect users. It is not the foremost mission of Twitter or any others. It is small now as its only just launched. However, we will continue to grow it gradually. Thanks again.
@michaelsuppo Great stuff, Mike. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do. Best of luck!
The only thing is --- is this a micro blog? Or a full blown blog platform --- because full platforms are designed for continual sharing right?
Hi @samir_doshi - it's a Microblogging platform like Twitter, except you time your posts to self-destruct (like Snapchat). The value of it is that you can say be honest and say what you think about anything, i.e. work, world events, sporting events and/or TV/media, without the fear of repercussions.
@michaelsuppo @samir_doshi is that 100% accurate? Just curious as users would still be able to screen shot...as everyone has been told since day one of using the internet (now apps for that matter) whatever you say can come back to you.
@natelegler true, screenshots are unavoidable. However, they are less relevant when posting your views. Posting opinions is a normal thing to do, but sometimes the things you say can harm you in the future. The self-destruct is to prevent it being seen when that time comes. If that makes sense.
Is it me, or did the trailer make the service seem like it is ok to be ignorant if you can get away with it? i admire the service, as i know many people do delete tweets for different reasons, yet advertising through worst cases on social media might not be true a "changing the world for the better" act.
@oualadinle the world is an increasingly resentful, depressed and unhappy environment. Think of Hooti as a condom against catching a social STD!