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Why do people go to music festivals? Some go because their friends are going. Some go to get weird and wear furry animal hoods. Others go because their favorite bands are playing -- all at one place over one weekend. Hootenanny solves the key problem of this last group -- how do you find a festival that maximizes the bands you want to see? Hootenanny matches up your Spotify listening preferences with thousands of music festivals all over the world to find the ones that best fit your taste. Wanna see something close to home? You can choose to factor in your location. Planning to go at a certain time? Set a date range too! I'm always looking for feedback on how to improve the application -- if you have ideas, issues, or ways to improve the experience let me know. Thanks for using Hootenanny! NOTE: looking into adding Apple Music integration.
@ajhaupt7 There are some other services would be nice to look into: Google Play Music, Hype Machine, Soundcloud
I get an Heroku error page after login
@grmmph thanks for letting me know -- still working out the kinks!
Nice! I'd add filtering not to city, but to country/region/continent.
@marxcie thanks for the feedback!
I think Spotify recommends or is in the process of providing ticketed events based on your music taste in their UI. Correct me if I am wrong
@tjpatel yes they have a Concerts tab now, but it's localized by city and not specific to festivals