A basket ball hoop accessory that lights up your shot.

Bored of shooting by yourself? Get HoopLight™ now and turn your basketball hoop into your personal arcade. Play alone or with friends. You will never want to stop shooting! HoopLight™ features dozens of unique patterns and lighting effects. Just take your best shot and watch as your hoop lights up when the ball goes through!

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3 Reviews3.3/5

I'm very proud of my brother who made this product. HoopLight is a lot of fun. The lights and patterns that go off when you score a basket are so vibrant!

After a while I actually started getting angry when I missed. No hype, my shot improved because I absolutely had to get that next hit of wild lights and random colors.

I haven't been exercising for a while because I work in software and spend a lot of time on my computer, among other sorry excuses, but this got me up and running around in no time at all. I had a blast!


- Seriously fun & addicting.

- Quick and easy installation.


- You will start to beat yourself up when you miss b/c you want to see the colors!

- Lights could be more visible during daylight hours.

Cool :))))))
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I like the idea. LOL
This looks pretty freakin awesome!
Word! ✌️