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Hello Hunters, I’m Yonah Collins, one of the founders of hoop. Well, this is exciting! We’re are finally releasing hoop into the wild (aka the App Store), and I'm happy to share it with you. hoop is an iOS app that lets people connect and collaborate through mobile videos. When you share a video on hoop, you trigger the creation of a “social video chain” — a horizontal thread of video responses by various participants that are sorted by popularity. Chains evolve dynamically with every new video response, and can host trends, memes, challenges, collaborations, discussions, movements—anything you can think of.
Every video is an invitation to respond, and the creative options are limitless. You can either start a new chain to trigger responses by others or respond to an existing chain by adding your own video to it. Unlike traditional video platforms where each video is a lonely stand-alone clip, hoop invites you to add your creativity to the mix to evolve an idea and be a part of something bigger - whether a ridiculous video trend or a good cause campaign. The next time you’re going to shoot a video, get it on hoop and watch how it triggers a social video chain that takes on a life of its own. Your videos wouldn’t be lonely anymore! I look forward to hearing what you think, answering your questions, and seeing your social video chains in the app! Thank you, Yonah PS You can download hoop here: http://apple.co/1Ryi4tg
@yonah_collins Hey Yonah, Sweet app! I've been playing around with it; and it's pretty fun. I'm wondering though, who owns the rights to the videos that get uploaded to hoop?
@ohmyafly Thank you Vanessa, glad you like it! We want creators to feel free to express themselves on our platform. That's why it's our policy that whoever made the video owns it.
This can be a great app for jump starting video Memes!
@nimrod_may Indeed! Creating and accelerating video memes is one of the exciting use-cases hoop enables