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Any plans to add notifications for products hitting PH on a given category?
@antor Sure! We'll add this soon. Thanks! ps. If you submit this at our in-app form, you will be notified when its ready
Hi! Im founder of Hooks with @kozkozkoz and @ortuman. Any feedback is highly appreciated, specially what do you want to be notified about so we can add these alerts to the app. Thanks!
Hi, just some words about Hooks, Hooks is an alerts for everything app: set up an alert and you will receive a notification when it happens e.g concert near you, TV shows new episodes, Film releases by rating, Website down, Weather alerts etc. You can think of it as IFTTT with one "that" channel: your notification center. Thanks!
@kozkozkoz @joseleperez Thanks for sharing this. There are qute a few apps coming out in the "notifications" category (yo, drop, ping, etc) , can you say a few words about what excites you about this category, what the market is, what’s your approach, what problem are you solving, etc? If I'm asking naively it’s because as someone who disables notifications to stay focused I'm trying understand and learn something new :) Thank you!
What excites us in this field is that we believe that the best way of being aware of many, many things in our lives, are notifications. First of all, we thought about the time we spend searching for "updates" on the internet (e.g. concerts, sport results, your alexa ranking, your name at google, plane tickets, price changes)... These are things that can fit in 40 chars and you know you want to know in advance, and you are only interested on "changes on it", but your current behavior is going to a website [every day] and reading a lot of information for finding what you are looking for, a sentence saying something like "There is a new italian film at filmaffinity with 8 points (La vita è bella)" or "San Antonio 86-95 Washington Wizards (Final)". On that side, we believe that Internet is broken: its designed –and monetized– as something asynchronous but now we all are "synchronous" (with our phones, smartwatches). I like to use one example question: Can you imagine yourself opening email at your browser every 10 minutes to discover if you have a new email again? No? Thats because you are getting used to be synced. Ofc, we are not inventing notifications as a channel. There are many vertical apps out there that base its work in alerts (Songkick, tvshows apps, pricewatchers, pingdom, mention...). That sends us to a second problem: we have 10 logins, 3 inboxes (email, notifications, timelines, sms), 20 different interfaces to learn, we cannot manage them all in an easy way, we have to pay for some of them, we receive newsletters. And a third problem, a market one: there are not [trustable] "alert apps" for things that are not "big niche" because noone will pay for them or there is not going to be enought market. Noone is going to develop it. Our approach is... one alerts app for everything, with hundreds of them that can be enabled, understood and managed easily. Giving the user the way to search, get recommended, review and share notifications in an comfortable way. We discovered that alertable things have many things in common: you have to set up them, you have to define some parameters, you expect notifications from them. We dont want to be casual. We want to address the problem as a whole. We are organizing everything around "alert apps" and let the user fill the parameters if they want, but having an smart search that lets you find things like "Game of thrones". Something like my partner said, ifttt but if it were made with just one "that" channel. As the described problem is a everyone's problem, we think our market is very broad, but, being realistic, this has many (for now) early adopters features (notifications, forms...), so we are focusing on things (alerts, interfaces) that geeks would like. We strongly belive that "people from technical world" are our market now. But... there are nerds that love sports too (we do!). For your final comment: I think that notifications are, by many people, now identified as spam (thanks Candy Crush!), but this has to change. Noone wants to be disturbed with something he didnt asked. But we think that doesn't happen if you asked it and you are able to decide if you want it to be silent at nights, or if this one has sound or not. There is a side note / problem on this: distinguishing whats an alertable and what's not, what is a "relevant piece of 140 chars" or not. We made a line: no news. News are not something to be notified about. News are made to be news, to be read in a context. When you want. New Hacker News post with 500+ points can be an alert. Maybe "Breaking Important News about your town is". But not "Every new sports article at Washington Post". Our focus is "alertable things", we are not a substitute for Feedly. That the user knows what notifications to expect. Our notifications have to be understood without needing to open the link. Thanks!
@joseleperez Awesome answer, thank you for taking the time!
@kozkozkoz When I was looking at the site I was thinking exactly the same thing: IFTTT notifications for normal people. I'll definitely try it out!
Trying now, looks nice. FYI the app store listing icon image has some compression.
@ZacDavies Thanks Zac! Will have a look at the icon compression. What alerts would you like to see in the app?
I always wanted to just make an alert/notification app. Is it difficult?
@jleebiz sorry for late reply, the answer probably need to be much more extensive, but basically we spent last 4 month coding and re-coding Hooks, changing the idea, UX, testing etc. We have both server and client side. I had no experience of iOS programming before. On server side you have to control many things: read the web sourced for data, control automated tasks, watch for events, control server cpu, bandwidth, hdd etc. Also create and test new alerts, write custom messages for notifications and many other small tasks. If you want to keep in touch to learn more, please contact me at @kozkozkoz Thanks for the comment, let's keep in touch!