Hooks for Apple Watch

Get notifications about things you care about

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Perfect use case for the Apple Watch. Receive a notification when... - Your favorite TV show is live - It's about to rain - A specific user posts a new photo on Instagram (great for stalking) - The stock price of APPL reaches $150 - A new product is posted on Product Hunt with the keyword "emoji" Nice work, @kozkozkoz.
@rrhoover Hi! Hooks cofounder here. Is there any alert type you want to see at hooks?
@rrhoover - Agreed, have been using for a month on iPhone. My favorites are: - remind me every 30 days to pay my internet bill - new episode of Black Mirror to air (been waiting for a while) - elon musk tweets - new event nearby with word "startup" in the title now to get an Apple Watch
@tipeveryday LOVE Black Mirror 😍 cc @suzywillow
@rrhoover @tipeveryday yes love Black Mirror 🔮 now time for an Apple Watch, you too @rrhoover
Thanks Ryan! I've been using Hooks with my pebble for more then 6 month now and it's actually a great way to get the info (while you are driving, running, etc.). We have also simplified the alert creation and added 100+ more channels. Also Apple have chosen us as one the first app for apple watch inviting us to their office to test on the watch before the shipping has started :) And other curious data is, we are sending 350k notifications a day now!
@kozkozkoz Great job crafting those sensible channels. I can easily see the value of subscribing to many of the channels, especially those infrequent but important/vital ones. I think this is better/more human than IFTTT because it's not arbitrary combinations of any two services. One channel suggestion: good morning with a motivational quote or goal of the day.
This is awesome, the kind of thing that we had on the smartphone but actually works best on a wearable form factor
Thanks @basche42, right, as Tim Cook said on the Apple Watch keynote, notifications are his favorite use of Apple Watch XD
I've been using hooks for a while already, love it! my fav alert is getting the app store reviews.