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Eric Willis
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
Hooks is an alerts for everything app: set up an alert and you will receive a notification when it happens e.g concert near you, TV shows new episodes, Film releases by rating, Website down, Weather alerts etc. Now you can get is on Android.
Oleg Kozynenko
Oleg KozynenkoMaker@kozkozkoz · Founder @revoice
Thanks @erictwillis! We finally landed on Android, joined TechStars in Chicago and got funded! We are currently sending 450k notifications / day to 120k users. Also we are adding new interactions to each notification so you not only receive it but will be able to retweet, buy a ticket, forward, rent a movie etc. How does this look? Some of the alerts we have are: * Sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games and scores * Music concerts * Videogames releases, Twitch streams * Weather: rain, ice, snow, temperature drop * TV shows * Lottery results * Pollen, allergy alerts * Meetups * Films by rating, director or starring * Top restaurants * AMBER alerts * Shipment tracking for every courier * Website down * Horoscope * Earthquake * Mentions of you or your brand * Online courses * Alexa rank * Currency exchange rates including Bitcoin * Stocks * Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr * Youtube, Vimeo, Quora updates * Reddit, ProductHunt, HackerNews top articles Please, send us your feedback or ideas!
Stewart Rogers
Stewart Rogers@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
This looks great - am definitely going to check it out. Early feature request - as soon as I saw it, it seemed to me that the time-based notifications would fit beautifully on the Pebble Time timeline. I'd love to see you add that capability; it would elevate this from A.N.Other notification app to double-plus-awesomeness.* *I've never used that phrase before in my life, and now I'm sorry about it.
Oleg Kozynenko
Oleg KozynenkoMaker@kozkozkoz · Founder @revoice
@therealsjr right, actually it works with Pebble out of the box, I've been using it with the metal version for 8 month now. We already launched apple watch version so the next step is to have a look on what Pebbles new timeline api can offer us, looks amazing so far.