Get updates as webhooks when something important happens about thousands of topics, like weather, sports, events, news... in a single API

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9 Reviews5.0/5
I use the Hooks app on my phone everyday. It's definitely underrated. Excited to see the API!
@palavalli Thanks! We really appreciate it :)
@palavalli what do you have in mind to build with the API?
Hi PH! Thanks for the Hunt @imchrisdavis We are the makers of Hooks App (, and for a long time we have been creating content on notifications for hundreds of thousands of users. Now we are opening our data so developers can do whatever they want with it. We really want to see what you can do with the API. Feel free to ask anything! Would love to hear what you have in mind to do with all that realtime data :)
This looks super interesting! Going to try this for our AI based product. Btw there is a small typo in the first step 'subcribe'. Cheers
@ussumant Fixed! Do you have time for a call next week? Would love to understand better the AI use cases.
@joseleperez Yeah would love to but would like some time to experiment with the api for a much more fruitful discussion
Hooks helped us in our early days in 2016 when we had the idea of AirWayBill platform to listen more to the needs of the customers on SM in real time. After that we did our prelaunch research and soft launched AirWayBill app successfully. And still from time to time opening the app to check what’s there. Wish you the best of luck guys with this API! 😄
@joseleperez thanks to you guys! Keep up the great work. 👍
Great job !! Is it useful for non techies ?
@ayush_chandra It's mainly a B2D product. If you want receive all that data as notifications, you can use