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Push notifications meet real time conversations

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Hooks pivots and converts it's news app into a live conversations network, now users can join chat rooms about topics they love and Hooks will warm each conversation by sending a real-time updates about it. Hooks lets you stay up-to-date on anything throw push notification and chat live with awesome people who share the same interest as you at the exact same moment something happens...when you get a push notification. With 3 million+ subscriptions to Hooks topics it already seeing users clustering around the same interests so you will always find someone to talk to: New Best Films Releases: 9709 users Game of Thrones: 3192 users HackerNews posts with 500 points: 1726 users Techcrunch startups: 872 users And tons of other topics.
Ugh I love hooks but HATE the chat part. I wish i could just turn it off totally.
@dancyfits we've bringing back the cronological timeline also to the next version, but we've having a pretty good participation numbers on the chat, what don't you like?
@dancyfits btw we also have bots if you just want plain notification without distractions https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@kozkozkoz @dancyfits Personally, I just want to be notified. I got plenty of tools to have conversations both with friends and strangers.
@davidesquimal which one do you use to talk with strangers? I know some, but not sure what are the favorites. As for Hooks you of course can mute all the comments and with a separate timeline for just notifications we cover both use cases...and still learning from feedbacks
This is pretty cool but how does Hooks prevent repeat interest groups? Does it automatically suggest people to join an existing one rather than creating a new one? How would I know which group is better? I always have trouble with processes like this because I want to just be in one but not potentially miss out on other great conversations. Congrats! @kozkozkoz
@davidsfeng thanks for asking, actually there are no better groups, you just subscribe to what you like, then only people who get the same notification (e.g. same news article) can talk even if they are in different topics/groups As for discovery we are adding a recommendations engines so we suggest you topics you might be interested in, we also have most popular topics ranks.
@kozkozkoz Ah that makes sense. I'll have to play with it to experience it I guess :)