Hooked: The Course

A course on building habit-forming technology by Nir Eyal

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This course is great - can help set the foundation for truly understanding why social media works.
Excited to see this course come out. Just did a search, over 700 upvotes for the Hooked book that was submitted earlier, so obviously very relevant to PH. Question @nireyal: Will there be a way for folks to ask questions related to Hooked Model inside? Separate question @rrhoover: I know you mentioned elsewhere you used what you learned in contributing to the book when building out ProductHunt. Can you give us the scoop on what you applied?
@conradwa Absolutely, you can ask questions through the course platform.
@conradwa I want to write more about it but early this year I described some of the design decisions that went into building Product Hunt.
@conradwa Just drafted an in-depth analysis on this very topic ie How PH implements the Hooked model. Lots of aha moments. Will be publishing it post-thanksgiving. cc @nireyal @rrhoover
Just bought the book last night! Should I read the book first or check out the course?