Fiction in the form of text messages

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I saw this in my RSS reader early this morning, and I had to share it here. I think it's a brilliant concept - whether they execute it right, we'll see. Text messages already ARE stories to kids. Kids know that every element of punctuation (or lack of it) is a message in itself, and they can turn a seemingly boring/uneventful conversation into something bubbling with drama. Good luck to the Hooked team...I think they have a big opportunity.
@adamokane thanks for sharing HOOKED with the Product Hunt community! we're honored :)
Really annoyed I didn't think of this. Looks neat!
@mackflavelle best compliment we could get :)
I have not had this much fun reading in a long time. So much so I wanted to invest
@joshelman pretty cool to have Josh Elman as our most avid reader :)
Just jumped in and read Scavenger Hunt... Haven't had an app draw me in like this maybe ever. The tap tap tap to move forward reminds me of one of my favorite apps of olde, Tapestry. The super simple interface is beautiful as well, and helps you get drawn in and focus on the the story. Our team has been thinking about storytelling in new mediums for a while now. This is definitely one of the most unique examples of how storytelling is evolving with both new tech and new mediums. Gotta come back to the tapping. This. This is one of the most important parts of the experience, because it forces readers to focus on what's coming up next, and doesn't unconsciously distract like paper or even kindle or other digital mediums do, where the rest of the story is set forth before you, drawing your eyes down or to the next page. Really looking forward to seeing how this evolves and what you dream up next!
@playswithfood wow thank you for such thoughtful feedback! everything you've said here resonates deeply with us. you said it beautifully. let me know if you have any suggestions as you (hopefully) continue reading :)
I'm just happy to see different forms of storytelling being explored. And this seems like a nice idea: easy to digest in small chunks, being able to create suspension through the timing of the messages. Definitely curious to see how it's executed
@muellermm thanks Marc. really appreciate the perspective. very cool to see your interest in format innovations for storytelling! let me know if you have any feedback on the UX.