Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal & Ryan Hoover

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If you're building or growing a startup, I suggest reading this. It will help you bake marketing (or hooks) into your product--which is what the best marketing does. Originally the book was self-published but became such a cult resource inside the tech companies that it was picked up by Penguin. It’s co-author is the founder of ProductHunt.com.
Shocked to see this book become the #1 vote getter :)
Super awesome book. You should do the exercises at the end of every chapter. Nir's blog - www.nirandfar.com is great and you can even schedule time with him to discuss your product problems. For free. Little surprise in seeing the high rank.
A MUST READ! I found it very helpful, especially exercises at end of every chapter. I think that anybody who want to build smth that is sticky but also have some meaning and improving people life, should read this book
I think if you apply this book teachings they could be a real competitive advantage on products launch and growth! Congrats @nireyal