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Tell a story through text messages

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Thanks so much for the hunt! Our mission with Hooked is to make reading and writing as easy as texting your friends. We've designed our new in-app writing tool to kill writer's block once and for all! Writing can be overwhelming. But with Hooked, all you have to do is write your story one message a time. You can create characters to tell different parts of your story, and you can incorporate images and video as well. You'll be amazed at how well you can write when you just take it a message at a time. Hooked is designed for narrative, and we've found that almost any piece of information is best conveyed through a good story. Everyone has a story to tell. We hope people will use Hooked to tell the stories of their lives, write articles, conduct interviews and teach interesting things to others. Let me know of any feedback you have, on either the writing or reading experience! We are working hard to improve the product everyday and would love the community's input. Happy writing! But beware...you might just get hooked ;) H0_0t h0_0t!
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@prernagupta this reminds me of a drinking game I used to play in university where one person had to say one line of a story and it went around the circle (I promise its not as shit as it sounds). Is it just a one person story for now or is it actually collaborative so you and your friends could write a story together?
@bentossell you read our minds :) collaborative writing coming soon! this version is focused on solo writers, but we have something in works that will address this very use case. thanks for the feedback!
Love that you're creating a new format for storytelling, @prernagupta. Shower thought you may have already explored: what if you offered serialized stories delivered like actual text messages, once every 10-60 minutes throughout one's day? It might be distracting but I can imagine it being a fun and more immersive way to read Hooked content.
@rrhoover thank you!! honored to have you say so :) That is an awesome idea and definitely something we're exploring, along with interactive fiction! Totally with you :)
@prernagupta CHOOSE YOUR OWN (HOOKED) ADVENTURE! Looking forward to it. 😊
Super pumped for this new release! Love the ability to create my own content. Excited to read stories generated by the community. @prernagupta, what are your thoughts on using the Hooked platform for non-fiction? *disclaimer: investor in Hooked...
@jtriest Hooked is really fun for non-fiction content as well! Our belief is that almost any piece of information is best conveyed through a good narrative. Narrative helps your audience stay engaged. Also, the bite-sized nature of the Hooked format forces you, as the writer, to cut out the fat and stick to the important points. We use Hooked for our quarterly investor updates, and everyone loves it! Some other non-fiction ideas for Hooked: interviews, recipes, fashion blogs, socratic dialogue, career advice...the list goes on :)
Loved hooked 1.0, and excited about the diversity of stories, interviews, and content to come by opening up the creation platform. What's been the most popular category so far??
@joanneyuanyuan thank you! Excited to read one of your stories soon :) Our most popular categories are thriller, romance and sci-fi! We have a really popular series in the app called "Dead of Night", which is one of my personal favorites thus far.
Such a great idea. Writing a complete story from scratch always seemed overwhelming. One text at a time? That I can do. Excited to give this a try!
@michaeldouble thank you! that's our goal! We hope the "one message at a time" interface will make writing more accessible, and less overwhelming.