Hooked 2.0

Instant email notifications for Stripe accounts.

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Good morning Sean! Thanks for posting the product. I think I'll find it quite useful (and I'm also a Meteor developer, so props for using it!). I do have a couple of questions though. 1) What do you intend to do to keep your product ahead of the curve in case Stripe decides to integrate this type of functionality so you're not essentially "snatching pennies from the steam roller?" 2) I think SMS notification integration with Twilio (or multi-channel communication for that matter) would also be a nice feature and would allow you to add it to the higher price tiers to possibly drive interest that way. I know I'd find it useful. Thoughts? Again, quite useful!
@jimmylipham Hey Jimmy, thanks! Awesome to see another Meteor developer. We really love the framework and will definitely be building more stuff in it! Those are really good questions. 1) It's always a risk when you're using an API that you will get shut down overnight or become useless. We first built Hooked 18 months ago as a summer project and in all of that time Stripe haven't yet decided to implement this sort of functionality - so that makes us feel less scared! In terms of moving forwards, there are so many awesome things you can do with the Stripe API and Stripe Connect. We are really interested in adding a system to Hooked to help convert customers who are ending trials. We also want to develop a system for gathering useful, actionable feedback from customers who have cancelled subscriptions and try to help Stripe users win them back. Whether that is a part of Hooked though or is a separate project we haven't yet thought about. 2) SMS notification is a really good idea. We will be adding Slack integration soon (this was the no.1 requested feature in Hooked 1.0). Beyond Slack, we will definitely think about SMS integration and see if it's something users want! Thanks for the Q's!
@seanbarryuk Wicked! Thanks a ton for getting back to me! I love where you're headed. Its a great showcase for Meteor products as well. If you're going the "churn reduction" route as stated in your first response, make sure you check out LessChurn and try to figure out how you can improve upon what they're trying to do! (They integrate with Stripe and catch users when they're trying to cancel, ask them a series of questions, and then either automatically extend their trial in Stripe or try to perform other actions). I'm excited to see whats next! :)
@jimmylipham Really glad you think we are a great showcase for Meteor. I'm personally really looking forward to building more products in Meteor. Yeah, there are a few other SaaS companies who offer churn reduction. LessChurn are definitely doing a good job, as are Churnbuster. We've got some experiments we want to run with Hooked, so watch this space! Thanks for the kind words!