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Hi guys, co-founder of Hooked.io here. Let me know if you've got any questions! We're currently expanding from email and will be offering sms, push, hipchat and slack integration. You can check some of our new features here: https://hooked.io/blog-what-new-...
I clearly don't know enough about Stripe because I'm not a customer, but why are these features not part of Stripe's core (and/or extended) functionality?
@AnujAdhiya It doesn't, in fact. Though I've heard of other services which offer this same kind of thing. Just integrated Stripe into @pheedloop, works great. I haven't had a failed payment notification yet or anything, so not sure if Stripe sends those, but I get notified (w/ a receipt) when someone makes a payment.
@AnujAdhiya Stripe does send out notification on failed charges. But they stay pretty quiet on email otherwise. If you want a feed of notifications (particularly useful for early stage stuff) then this could be good. Also checkout hookfeed.com
@nathanpalmer thanks for the mention, Nathan :-)
@SDMattG Just wanted to say hi and that we love your site :)
Is this all through email notifications? I use Control for mobile notifications and Stripe sends dispute emails when it arises.
@FrankDenbow ya it's all email
Hi @michaelperry, we're adding new methods other than email. This is just the first release!
@ruairidhwm word! Looking forward to it!
@michaelperry Gave you a follow on twitter. We'll tweet you when we release our new features :)
@ruairidhwm sounds good! I'm already a paying customer, so looking forward to it. Keep up the great work!