Access documents most relevant to your current task

Hook links useful resources to the key documents you are creating. The focal document becomes a hub, so you can instantly access the information that is most relevant to it. Stay focused by accessing linked documents without Finder, folders, Spotlight, etc.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Alexander KaplanShepard, Goatmax
I tried it, takes a sec to understand but the concept is brilliant! Really has the potential to make things easier and if used in the OS revolutionize a certain path to productivity.
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Justin Rockmore
Lover of the Hunt
Happened across this gem of a product on Reddit and I'm really enjoying using it! Definitely thought it was worth the share with the PH community here! It does take a few seconds to grasp the logic behind it all, but once you build out a 'flow' or two - you'll never look back!
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Jay DixitStorytelling coach
Brilliant. Can no longer live without it
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