A private cocktail society.

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This is greatness, have been a member for a 6 months, totally worth it.
$9.99/m for one free drink a day at member bars / venues. In NYC at the moment but my bartender friends are being solicited by SF sales reps prepping for launch.
This looks awesome (#MadeinNYC). I've signed up for the Good Cocktail passport and I was a little disappointed that many venues had designated cocktails for passport holders (simple drinks like G&Ts). 1) What NYC venues have been featured? 2) What kind of cocktails do they feature?
@harryraymond 1) We have a good variety of venues throughout Manhattan, some of my favorites are Sons of Essex and Los Feliz in LES, and Pergola and Handcraft. We really like places with interesting or different cocktails. 2) Most places provide around 3 cocktails. Some do offer more traditional drinks like a G&T or even a draft beer or house wine, but a lot of the venues put up their signature cocktails. For example, Sanctuary T has some really cool drinks based on different kinds of tea. The app is free to download and browse, so feel free to explore and find some new venues to try!
This app looks great! I'm a little confused though: I'm in SF, and it shows me two different bars supported here. When I did a reverse image search of one of the bars, it's actually located in Bangkok: http://www.pullmanbangkokhotelg.... Are these just placeholders for future bars? They even have dots on the map of SF for them. It's a bit confusing to a new user if they think the placeholders are real.
@imtheandylee Hey Andy - you're right, they are just placeholders for now. I updated the text to be a bit more explicit for now, but we're currently working on improving our location experience.
@davidhbella Fantastic, I'm super psyched to try this out when you guys come to SF! :) Cheers!
Interesting idea... I look forward to trying it when it launches in LA!