Honor 8

Gorgeous smartphone that won't hurt your pocket.

Beautiful phone, but it's already running with an outdated Android version 6. Hopefully it can be updated.
@bradenhamm Any android phone, including the flagships, you purchase today, like Samsung S7 runs Android Marshmallow. Honor has said Nougat is coming to Honor 8 on Feb 2017, same time other flagships are receiving the update as well. So, not bad.
@bradenhamm They say February we'll get Nuget. Nuget notifications are the only thing I really miss from my Nexus 6P, otherwise its a pretty great phone. Especially for the price.
@bradenhamm Android N beta has been available for awhile and will be released soon.
Honor is a branded version of Huawei's phones.
@mikengarrett Honor is Huawei's budget line. As solid as the hardware is, Huawei's EMUI Android skin and their extreme power management methods to save battery means you will need to alter a great deal of settings to resemble the experience that you would otherwise get on most other Android smartphones from leading OEMs.
Surprised this wasn't hunted yet. Gorgeous smartphone with glass finish, dual-lens camera, dual sim, fast charging and equipped with the fastest fingerprint scanner that also doubles as a smart key. All this in an affordable price. I used one for a while and I was amazed at its performance and battery life as well. Well worth the price tag! Black Honor 8 on its way now! Its available in the following colors: Sapphire Blue, Pearl White, Midnight Black and Sunrise Gold. Midnight Black being my favorite.
This phone is gorgeous (and quite affordable at $400)
@nivo0o0 Black Friday had great deals. Amazon still has great deals on this phone $289 for 32GB: https://www.amazon.com/Huawei-Ho...
If it does not have Apple logo, it does not exist. Choice is irrelevant. Apple is the richest company because we accept their marketing, we accept their portrayal they are the best. 😜