On-demand app for tow trucks & other roadside services

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Nice. Reminds me of urgent.ly and their recent partnership with MapQuest.
With HONK, you get one tap towing, tire change, jump start, lock out, or fuel service. Honk is launching with nationwide (US) 24/7 operations and over 20,000 trucks signed up. HONK claims 50 percent faster truck arrival times over its competitors, with times as low as 15-30 minutes in urban areas. Pricing for services starts at $49
It seems like this could be an industry where a lot of these 1 off cos may not have the same loyalty without the contracts that they get from the likes of AAA. How do you plan on protecting from competitors/clones?
@_gordee Actually, the average tow company generally works with numerous intermediaries (AAA, Road America, Allstate, etc.) at once. Almost none of them have an exclusivity clause. In fact, many of our drivers are AAA drivers. It's kind of funny -- you will frequently get a AAA truck in 15-30 minutes, without paying AAA membership fees, when you use HONK. In terms of competition, we aim to win based on our technology and our business model. There are some other ways we intend to defend our advantage, but you'll just have to wait and see!
@cbrundage ah, very interesting... I'd say that I look forward to using the service, but that would mean something bad has happened to my car ;)
@_gordee As they say, bad things do happen to good people. Keep the app handy and remember we're always here to help. :)
Nice! I think they need you guys out in Buffalo, NY ;)
@KristoferTM Hi Kris, this is Corey, the CEO of HONK. We're nationwide. Just download the app and you're all set! PS: Keep warm. :)
20,000 trucks is impressive! How long did it take you guys to hit that #? Did you partner with any roadside assistance companies? Or all all these 1 off tow companies?
@KristoferTM Thanks, Kris! No, we didn't partner with any 3rd parties. All of our partners are 1 off, and signed up with us directly. I started HONK on January 21st; we've been working at the business quietly since then. Partner acquisition really started to snowball in the past couple months as the word got around the towing community.