Honeypot’s London Tech Map

Map to discover London companies by tech stack and location.

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This is awesome!! Missing two companies in Farringdon - AngelList & Product Hunt :) Where is all the data coming from?
Hi @bentossell. Data is available in the public repository of the project: https://github.com/honeypotio/te... If you're actually asking where did they got it. I suppose they took the time to collect it as the company business is tech job offers.
This is amazing! Thank you! You're missing Facebook (Warren St), and Twitter (Piccadilly Circus).
This is great — I've just added the company I work for 🎉
This is super cool
Nice work Honeypot/@batjohe. There was something similar in Queensland in Australia a few years ago, but London has the amazing advantage of the tube map style being quite literal! And your implementation looks wonderful. Have been following the thread on the London Startups group for a while, so it's great seeing this on PH.
@davedri Thank you! It was a fun and huge project to figure out the best way to visualise it. Thanks to @andreruffert which implemented it and everyone at @honeypotio for helping out :) You don't remember the name of the Queensland version? Always interesting to see how other people did it.