Bee saving and keep your money under control in an easy way.

HoneyMoney is a calendar-based way to manage your money better, focusing on cash flow vs "budgeting." It's set up to track your money manually for better awareness, and will help you know how much is safe to spend, how much needs to be reserved, and then ultimately how much you can save.

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Добрый день, Ильдар Спасибо Вам! Каждый раз когда открываю ХМ учусь чему то новому в плане обращения с деньгами. Уже вернул один долг. И спокоен ум что деньги под контролем и если не понятно куда делись деньги то можно посмотреть историю)

спустя несколько месяцев, понимаю что еще не со всем разобрался, но с практикой все открывается.

Еще раз спасибо!

мои поклоны, Хани Мани!


Спасибо Вам! это ценный инструмент!



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When I was in university, I read Your Money or Your Life. It advocated tracking your spending manually. The idea is that when you have to manually record your purchases, you're a lot more mindful about what you spend. I ended up using this system all through school, and it was really effective. HoneyMoney is perfect for folks who want that mindfulness. It helps you to track your spending, forecast future expenses, and grow your savings.
@mijustin Thank you. It's true about HoneyMoney helping with savings. I have been tracking my income and expenses for 7 years already with HoneyMoney. My wife and I have a high saving rate (70% in the last 12 months, 54% since May 2011). This means that we spend only a small part of our income. The rest allowed us to pay off our condo mortgage at 29, and we're on track to Financial Independence.
It is must conected to a bank card.
@jefflienhard HoneyMoney doesn't connect to your bank account. It's by design made to help you track your income and expenses manually to increase your awareness. Being aware of your finances and paying regular attention to them changes your behaviour. All in a subtle, but effective way. Without limiting and forcing yourself.
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