Earn Bitcoin with your computer 🍯

Start mining cryptocurrency. Honeyminer makes mining simple for anyone with a computer. Currently available on Windows only.

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    Easy. And fun. Good way to dip youre toes in Cryptocurrencies


    Integration of more coins to mine.

    Easiest things ever to set this up, and have it running on your PC. You find it intriguing? One could read more into mining.

    stonXBT has used this product for one year.
Works great, getting almost $1 per day payout from this. Easy way to get started in mining some BTC, not going to be rich from it but gets people going with a small amount quickly.
Hello Product Hunters 👋 I stumbled upon this a couple weeks ago, I was curious so I gave it a quick try even if I didn’t plan to keep using it. It was really easy to set up and I have not noticed any issues so far. Let us know if you do! I wonder when the mac version will be available.
I wonder if the CPU usage is spiked or its ALL GPU?
@kensavage It has CPU switch in settings (plus the GPU switch).
Thank you for handling that question @moutard3. Sorry about that, I was away @kensavage.