Start mining crypto with your computer 🍯

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Start mining cryptocurrency. Honeyminer makes mining simple for anyone with a computer. Currently available on Windows only.

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Dafydd Thomas 🏴󠁧󠁢@dafzthomas · Web Application Developer
Works great, getting almost $1 per day payout from this. Easy way to get started in mining some BTC, not going to be rich from it but gets people going with a small amount quickly.
Guillaume BardetHunter@guillaumebardet · Working on Qlearly.com/beta
Hello Product Hunters 👋 I stumbled upon this a couple weeks ago, I was curious so I gave it a quick try even if I didn’t plan to keep using it. It was really easy to set up and I have not noticed any issues so far. Let us know if you do! I wonder when the mac version will be available.
Ken Savage@kensavage · Founder of Automation88
I wonder if the CPU usage is spiked or its ALL GPU?
Moutarde 🌐@moutard3 · DeuxMetresCubes
@kensavage It has CPU switch in settings (plus the GPU switch).
Guillaume BardetHunter@guillaumebardet · Working on Qlearly.com/beta
Thank you for handling that question @moutard3. Sorry about that, I was away @kensavage.