Make money from home by simply sharing your unused net.

It is an application which, allows you to reach your unused internet’s full potential by making your device a gateway.
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The idea is appealing but I have to be the skeptic/critic here and point out that the information provided on the website is unsubstantial. The USP of the product is basically "Monetize your spare internet". It is far too vague about the use cases provided. Such as "Data scientists use Honeygain's network to connect to the internet" & "Honeygain shares your unused net traffic with data scientists". What does it even mean that they use it to connect to the internet? What does it mean that my unused net traffic is shared? There needs to be farrrrr more clarity provided on these use cases and what is actually happening under the hood in order for me to trust such an app. I imagine I can't be alone in my way of thinking. Privacy/Security should be a major concern for everyone.
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@colinwinhall Thank you for the concern. The idea - different IP addresses from arround the world. With such pool you can do tasks for AD verification, competitor monitoring, check SERPs from different locations. In a simple manner, lets take SEO monitoring for example - Google results for keyword "producthunt" might look different in USA then from Germany. This is where we come to help the researchers. This is one of many tasks that can be done with such pool. And for that reason - we pay back to the user. We will surelly be launching blogposts and indepth explanation to clarify the mistery on that side. However, we are in the early phase for now. All in all - thank you for the concern and interest! :)
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@kevin_riderlen I understand the concept and the example you give I can see the clear benefit for both parties. I am still lost on the WHAT is being sent and how my DEVICE is being used to do this. Let's not forget that "internet" only exists when there are 2 devices to send and receive information. What exactly is my device sending in the example you gave above. And in what format is that information being received on the other end?
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@colinwinhall Oh, in that case, the traffic is encrypted in TLS. No sniffing or spoofing would be possible. Only HTTPS requests via 443 port. No Socks connections are supported. The requests are being handled on our backend which are given by the requester in different programming formats. Then the information is given back to be parsed by the requester.
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@kevin_riderlen Thanks for the info. I hope you are able to overcome the ambiguity in your copy on your website as I honestly feel you will lose a lot of leads without the clarity provided of HOW and WHAT is being sent. I wish you the best of luck!
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@colinwinhall Indeed we will be workign on it. Thank you for the heads up and wish you all the luck too! ;)
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So in other words, people's browsing history is being sold to data scientists, at the risk of anything can happen from your IP. And worst case scenario being unknowingly even be part of a DDOS attack.
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@arumilli_kanti Browsing history is not related to traffic rounting though the device. Permissions to access browsing history is not required - so no info is being gathered. We do have filters on our end, so being a part of DDOS attack would not be possible.
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The idea is simple yet brilliant - we do have quite fast internet connections nowadays, but often it is not being used to its full potential. This is where Honeygain comes in - you can set your device as a gateway for data scientists to extract data out of the web with a simple application. You get paid for that cause.
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@kevin_riderlen nice idea!! looking forward when it actually works .
@sohail9845 Thanks! Well, actually we do have it running for Android already. If you wanna check it out, register at the home page - https://www.honeygain.com . Also, we do have a promo running which will add $5 to your account instatly ($20 payout is the minimum). Enter - gethoney in the coupon field. ;)
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@sohail9845 @kevin_riderlen Damn should have known that earlier ;-)
@kevin_riderlen oops you should have told it earlier about the coupon !!
@sohail9845 @suddenbreak Sorry guys! >.< We have not expected such interest. Which is awesome and thrilling for us!
Does it mean that someone can use your IP address to participate in DDOS and your IP will be banned because of this?
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@tram This is a good question. @kevin_riderlen ?
@tram No, we do have certain filters that would not allow our partners peform DDOS attack in any way even if they would decide to do so. That would results in instant access removal.
@tram @kevin_riderlen How do we know this isn't being used to post fake news to social media?
Interesting idea, never thought that you could even do something like this
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@aaronoleary Thanks! Simple, yet interesting.