Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

A mobile personal shopping assistant

Honey is a free personal shopping assistant that helps you save time and money by bringing all your favorite stores and all the best deals together in one easy-to-use app. Join now.

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This is amazing! How does the checkout process work? Did you have to integrate with all of the merchants somehow?
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I use ebates quite a bit (referral link), but Honey seems to keep getting better and better... Do join using my link! πŸ˜‰ Here's what new in this app: The Shopping Center of Your Universe You're just a tap away from millions of products you love. No more downloading multiple shopping apps, remembering different logins, or jumping around from one app to another. Honey brings all your favorite stores together in one place so you can easily browse, discover, and buy the things you want quickly. All the deals. Zero effort. Don't waste time searching online for discount codes or sifting through your inbox for promotional deals. We'll do it for you. Shop from top merchants right from the app, and like our browser extension, Honey automatically finds, tests and applies the code with the biggest savings. As a bonus, Honey also offers exclusive deals from our partners to save you even more. A Better Way to Buy Say goodbye to endless forms and multiple checkouts. No matter where you shop, everything goes into the same cart and you only need to checkout once. It's never been simpler, or faster, to buy the things you love.
@ketau @gemusan any plans to release this for Opera? I used to love using Honey when I used Chrome as my browser; but I have since switched to Opera for a number of reasons and hoping to use Honey on there
@aaroniclee Honey does have an Opera extension, it can be found here - https://addons.opera.com/en/exte...
@durbin Thanks Neil - I totally missed that and by change I was looking for the Honey extension on Opera two days ago!
has anyone got in off the waitlist? I haven't seen even any review sites with early access, the only shots anyone posts are of the generic preview provided on the waitlist.
Yes always works for me.