Honey Bee: Puzzle Game

A fun, free, simple and relaxing puzzle game

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Honey Bee is a fun, simple and relaxing puzzle game. Here's why: • Fun: Because 'Honey Bee' will offer you an enjoyable, yet entertaining challenge to simply pass the time or exercise your puzzle-solving mind. • Simple: Slide tiles of the same kind together to combine them into bigger tiles. That's all there is to it! It's an easy learning curve, the short tutorial will quickly get you started. • Relaxing: Play 'Honey Bee' at your own pace. There's no end goal to aim for or a count-down timer to race against! Just chill-out and enjoy the music.
Features: • Unlock bonuses to help you advance. • Expand the board as you level up. • Compete with friends for the highest score. • Post your highest scores to the leader board. How far can you go? Play on your holiday, on your commute, or while lounging around. Play for free now! No in-app purchases required. Yes, we really do mean it. https://play.google.com/store/ap...