Honest Work

A better, more transparent standard for job advertising

We have spent the past decade in London building great teams. We are applying that experience to improving the process of discovering transparent companies.

The best people won’t apply because because your job is a slightly different colour to the other jobs. The best people apply because you are embracing honesty and transparency.

  • Neha Shah
    Neha ShahTechnical Program Manager

    transparency about salaries and the interview process


    mostly dev jobs at the moment- but it's only day 1

    The founders get what candidates look for in a job post:

    - How much will you pay me?

    - Will you let me work from home?

    - What other benefits will you give me?

    - How long will this interview process take?

    And they've reflected that in their job postings. Also the dog mascot is cute.

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  • Pros: 

    Balances candidate and employer requirements extremely well. Not just for devs. Philosophy of transparency.


    Brand new board, more jobs will surely follow.

    I've been keeping a keen eye on the progress of this board for some time now. Anyone who has worked in this industry for any amount of time will surely have faced the same frustrations on their job hunt. Lack of transparency re: salary, interview process etc. Add to this the fact the founder is one of the soundest people in the business with a wealth of experience matching deserving candidates to deserving employers, the platform should see a wealth of high quality candidates and companies flock to it.

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Curious to hear about how you encourage employers to be transparent - I often see a disconnect between how brands want to be perceived and how they actually operate internally. @tomspeak_ @steviebuckley
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@abadesi This is a great question. The data supporting the fact that vacancies with real salary ranges perform better really is overwhelming. So much so that the worlds biggest job boards are imploring companies to post a salary when advertising a job yet very few boards actually enforce this. When posting a job on Honest Work, the salary field and field for interview steps are mandatory. In our own experience we have seen more and more companies embrace the fact that posting a salary results in more applicable candidates applying for their jobs.
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Hey @tomspeak_ & @steviebuckley, Where do you see this company in 3 years?
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@jacqvon Tough question! Our perfect world scenario is that Honest Work will evolve into a global platform where people get a drastically more transparent understanding of what opportunities are out there and the likelihood of them being a good fit for the company they are considering joining. There are plenty of disparate platforms that assist with this (glassdoor, et al) but they all prioritise the company over the applicant. Our goal is to turn that on its head and put the applicants needs first and foremost.
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@jacqvon @steviebuckley "but they all prioritise the company over the applicant" - this exactly is one of my main rage-quits with job sites... I can't stand the fact that most companies are actively searching for talent, then make that same talent hop and scrape as if somehow the company is the heavier on the scale of demand. So much that I had been considering creating one that favored developers instead to even the score a bit - a bid-for-devs if you will ;D I can see it is early days for your offering but it seems to have started the right way and helped me defer having to take my own shot at it out of spite - good luck, keeping an eye on it...
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I'm curious about your logo. Why did you choose a dog? To refer to employees as loyal dogs? 😅 Looks cool though
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@erickbarron86 Hey Erick! We really wanted a 'mascot' to inject some personality into what is an intentionally minimalistic site so we hired a wonderful illustrator friend to create something and Hamish (that's the dog's name) was what he came up with and we fell in love! You can check out more of his incredible work here: http://www.stephen-waller.com/
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@erickbarron86 @steviebuckley I'm a fan of the branding and name choice