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Snapcash $1 & get fashion advice. $ goes to Women Who Code.

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Jeremy Cai
Jeremy CaiMaker@jjeremycai
UPDATE - All ($1 or more) proceeds will go towards Women Who Code :)
Zach Tratar
Zach Tratar@zachtratar · Zach Tratar
@jjeremycai this is my favorite part.
Zach Tratar
Zach Tratar@zachtratar · Zach Tratar
@jjeremycai this is my favorite part.
Jeremy Cai
Jeremy CaiMaker@jjeremycai
http://imgur.com/lfAJnXD - Well folks, it was fun. Seems like @Snapchat (understandably) pulled the plug.
David Myers
David Myers@digit · Co-Founder, Staffonly.com
@jjeremycai That's stupid. This was an interesting first venture into how to monetize snapchat payments.
aalndy@aalndy · Optimism + Determination + Hardwork
@digit @jjeremycai Snapchat Payments sounds like they are competing in peer-to-peer with Venmo. Using it for e-commerce may be what they are trying to avoid and have legal repercussions.
Jelena Woehr
Jelena Woehr@jelenawoehr · Director of Community, Flipagram
@jjeremycai @Snapchat Blast!!! I would totally have used this.
Robleh Jama
Robleh Jama@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@jjeremycai That sucks. Is this technically against their terms? Seems like a creative use-case.
Greg Gerber
Greg Gerber@gerbz · Making my dent
@jjeremycai lame. At least it was a quick death - better than building it out and getting the plug pulled after a ton of work.
Jonah Kaner
Jonah KanerHunter@jonahkaner · rap/sports/tech
love the quick implementation of snapcash, @jjeremycai + @ninavir
Nina Vir
Nina VirMaker@ninavir
Thanks everyone for your support and positive feedback!! It was a fun day, sad it had to end so abruptly. If you're still interesting in style advice, please contact me @ninavir!
Ali R. Tariq
Ali R. Tariq@alirtariq · Product Designer, Axonify
This is very, very clever. Kudos on the ultra fast application of Snapcash.