Earn rewards for discovering sustainable brands

Honest is a Chrome extension which displays sustainable brands in a beautiful new tab screen. With Honest, you accumulate credits daily to spend on a selection of ethical alternatives, making it easier and more affordable than ever to shop sustainably.
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Hi Hunters! Mitch and I have been interested in ethical and sustainable companies for a while (we actually pitched a social enterprise at the UN for $1M) and we wanted to build a product to support these businesses. Sustainable businesses struggle because: - Cost of goods sold is higher for ethical supply chains. - Lower margins means less money for advertising. We believe that businesses that do right by their workers and the planet are simply better, and we want to accelerate the movement adopting these social enterprises. Honest makes it easy to discover and shop from these businesses. We also have a PH special, 400 credits, which can be redeemed to plant five trees right away. We would love your feedback, criticism & feature requests 🤠
Hi PH, it’s Mitch, the other founder of Honest. We were inspired to build something in the new tab screen because for most people, it’s fairly unused space. That said, if a new tab app doesn’t work for you but you’re still interested in learning about ethical and sustainable companies, you can join our mailing list! gethonest.co/digest. Honest was actually born out of an internal mailing list so in some way it’s going back to our roots!
This is amazing, I love the idea of discovering ethical brands and giving them a platform. The point system to earn rewards makes it even better! A question for the makers: @daveferbear @mitch_catoen What do you look for when you are vetting brands?
@i_mgab We aggregate companies from well-vetted lists of sustainable brands, for ex. PETAs Cruelty-free company list. There are three main criteria we use to evaluate brands: environmental soundness, supply chain ethics and product quality. That said, we know that no ranking is perfect so we allow users to recommend companies and upvote/downvote companies. If a company receives too many downvotes, we remove it from the list.
@i_mgab @daveferbear Thanks for answering this team! I got the same question!
Are the companies listed ranked in a certain way? What if I'm interested removing plastic from our environment. Can I only get companies that are plastic conscious? Cool product!
@john_moon Currently we show three tiles every n new tabs (you set n), with a random selection from our list. We're already building ways to "see more of", filter, and curate personalized selections but the current product is more about spontaneous discovery. I think there's an opportunity to build a simple search engine around the directory as well, which will be particularly useful as it continues to grow (both in size and detail). Thanks for the feedback.
@daveferbear Sounds great. good luck!
Love the new angle how to promote sustainable brands! Am a fellow entrepreneur, we're making it easy to ask brands questions about sustainability, and give them resources how to get better. Would love to chat if that could help vet new brands?
@ilona_mooney Would love to chat! Shoot us an email hello[at]honestdigest.com