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Awesome to see all the upvotes. Thank you everyone! It's been fun creating Honeit and we are looking forward to helping folks get hired faster using this great service. I definitely know about the frustrations of the job hunt having created Honeit from my own experiences. As a software engineer I was repeating the same phone screen time and time again with non-technical recruiters that could only ask a handful of lightweight tech questions they had no real training in. It all just seemed like such a waste of time and money on both sides of the table. So it seemed logical to create a marketplace of experts that can get paid to do that first screen, and since they are experts in the same industry, the conversations go much deeper. Not only that, but what a great opportunity to share those interviews with hiring companies while also letting the job seeker have access using a personal Honeit URL they can send along with their resume to really stand out in the applicant pool!
Thanks everyone! We're excited about helping job-seekers save time and frustration by 'pre-interviewing' with an expert in their field and function. Rather than answering the same repetitive questions from every recruiter you speak with, you can now share highlights from the pre-interview, to demonstrate you have the hard and soft skills employers are seeking. 90% of candidates are declined based their resume alone, so the real qualities that matter (enthusiasm, motivation, communication) aren't taken into consideration. A HoneIT Profile (www.honeit.com/it/honeit) gives recruiters and hiring managers a quick and easy way to experience 'you', not just your resume. A pre-interview is also a great way to get realistic interview practice, feedback and advice if you're changing roles, changing industries, or interested in relocating to a new geography.
Honeit offers a great service. Interviewing can be time consuming and daunting. Building a service that helps both the interviewee and the hiring manager makes them unique. I did a few practice interviews with their candidates and it was a good experience.
@rmangi Awesome and thank you again for being a huge part of Honeit! Looking forward to seeing many great success stories come from your wonderful interviews!
Thanks Rick! It's awesome experts like yourself who are willing to give back and help job seekers level-up that makes this possible. Interviewing is a skill, but because it's often infrequent and there is no natural feedback loop (you never really know why you didn't get the job, HR liabilities..), it's a hard skill to improve. Getting a realistic interview, receiving real-time feedback and being able to share verified / validated skills by someone like yourself can really help a job seeker prepare and stand out to employers.
Definitely excited to be a part of the HoneIT expert community and help job seekers land their dream job by providing a safe environment to practice showcasing their talents. And for internal hiring teams, what’s great about HoneIT's interview software is that it doesn’t complicate what recruiters are already doing. Rather it improves the process and allows for better hiring decisions downstream.
@santinomarcozzi Thank you for the kind words and being a part of Honeit! Looking forward to seeing what great success stories come from having great experts such as yourself on the site! :)