Homey - Chores and Allowance

Personal finance app for kids. With real bank transfers.

Homey is a mobile app that enables parents to assign chores to the whole family, manage allowances and chore commissions, and transfer money to their kids' savings accounts to encourage long term saving.

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Hey everyone, Sanja, one of the makers of Homey here. Homey is a mobile app that enables parents to assign chores, manage allowance, and transfer money to kids’ bank accounts to encourage long term saving. Kids can set their financial goals, and practice responsibility and budgeting. This is our second time on Product Hunt - the first time we were surprise-hunted by (I think) one of our users - thank you @exlemor! We were just a chore app then - we did already have some cool features like photo-proof to see if chores are completed well enough, but we were nowhere near ready. Now we’re closer - Homey is now kind of a personal finance app for kids, enabling parents to transfer allowance directly to kids' bank accounts opened at any bank or credit unions in the US. We're still about chores - responsibilities and jobs, but now also about allowance and chore commissions. We made this to help kids learn about financial responsibility, and to make communicating about chores a bit easier for families. We’d love to hear your feedback, especially if you’re a parent!