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Hey everyone. Homewreckr is the first product from Casamatic, and Chris and I are here to answer questions. We're using this site as a method to validate a match algorithm that we built over the weekend, so feedback on your score would be extremely helpful!
Really interesting take. My score was actually 100%, so that's neat. Would be nice if it could negotiate lower rent ;)
@hunterhammonds Ha, or what if you could trade with someone if their place was a 100% match to you and not them?
@abohw That's an interesting idea. Do you plan to provide services / info around actually negotiating that when it comes to leases etc? Seems difficult when you consider varying rent levels.
@hunterhammonds We're focused on home buying and selling right now, but we definitely see a huge opportunity in rentals.
Love this team. There's still a lot of innovation to be done in the real estate space, I'm an 80% match with my house :)
The homepage is missing a value prop. message that sets out clearly what it is homewreckr does and what's in it for the visitor. A first time visitor who hasn't read this PH thread - currently, I wouldn't know. Also, the choice of brand name has negative connotations - I associate a home wrecker with a person or other (debt, alcohol, etc) that wrecks an otherwise happy family home. It's early days... would another name such as HomeChoice work more in your favour? Hope this helps :)
What is this? I didn't see anything on the page to tell me what I'm going to get, other than a “match score”. Hesitant to enter my home address without knowing what I'm getting.
@jasoncrawford It's only being used for the match score. We definitely aren't and won't be doing anything else with your home address. If you're really uncomfortable with it, a nearby intersection should work instead.
@abohw OK. But what is this match score thing? I have a vague idea that it's about where you live, but for all I know this could be a dating site.
@jasoncrawford It's a score based on how well your home is suited for you, location-wise, based on proximity to foods and activities you like, friends and family, etc.