Homestory AR

An intelligent, AI-powered interior designer in your pocket

A smart interior designer in your pocket. Using AI, we measure your room's size and shape, then recommend new furniture layouts in AR. Find the perfect couch, or just the right spot for that new armchair.

The app has 1000's of pieces from the world's top furniture brands like Vitra, HAY and more all in one place, saving you a trip to the store.

  • Deborah Taylor
    Deborah TaylorReal Estate Agent

    Brilliant innovation!


    may cause decorating addictions

    What a fascinating app! Finally I have a designer with me at all times. No more hassles of returning goods that did not fit. Being a visual person this takes all the guess work out of decision making. Thanks Homestory!

    Deborah Taylor has used this product for one week.
  • chiar Abdi
    chiar AbdiPowercoders

    allows you to have a cool AR furniture using both designed and real image by camera


    the product is fine

    this is cool :D

    chiar Abdi has used this product for one week.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I would have loved to use this when I moved into my new place ~7 months ago and bought all new furniture.
Allie Taylor
Allie TaylorMaker@allietaylor · Making cool things @homestoryapp
@rrhoover Hopefully we can help you out now and make your life easier the next time you need to redesign your place or when you move again! You know where to find us ;)
Kaspar Helfrich
Kaspar HelfrichMaker@kaspar_helfrich · co-founder @Archilogic
Hey Product Hunt, super excited to launch here today! For the past year, we’ve been working on an app that combines the power of A.I. with AR to create an experience that designs the perfect furniture layout for living spaces, using the technology already in your smartphone. We use A.I. to understand your space, measuring the available area and use that information to create beautiful furniture layouts optimized for your space. We based the A.I. on thousands of data points from professional architects and interior designers to create furnishing layouts that fit perfectly. Homestory is unique because we feature the collections of the brands people know and love, rather than a single range. Today, we've got thousands of pieces from HAY, Vitra and others, with many more to come. Long term we're really excited about the idea of bringing the entire industry into the future. Furniture buying right now is this exhausting process of travelling to far-away stores and then trying to guess if something will fit into your space from there. We think that combining A.I with AR helps open up the buying process, making it easier to design a beautiful home and see all the options you could have without shopping around for hours. Feel free to ask questions, or let us know what you think! Would love to see what you make! more insights on our work and goals in this medium article:
Tobias Spichtig
Tobias Spichtig@tobias_spichtig
this thing is genius. considering it making the most intimate part of our architectural environment understandable and therefore accessible for everyone. it finally makes furniture collections fashion!
Allie Taylor
Allie TaylorMaker@allietaylor · Making cool things @homestoryapp
@tobias_spichtig So glad you enjoy Homestory and we hope it will change the way you design your home and make it much easier not only for you, but for everyone! We completely agree that design should be available to all regardless of skill, budget, or tools. Thanks for the support :)
Paulina Kubala-Chuchnowska
Paulina Kubala-Chuchnowska@paulina_kubala_chuchnowska · Junior Marketing Specialist at PressPad
Sometimes it's hard to imagine how furniture will look in a room, so this application will be helpful for everyone who decorates a flat.
Allie Taylor
Allie TaylorMaker@allietaylor · Making cool things @homestoryapp
@paulina_kubala_chuchnowska Hey! We really appreciate the support and hope that Homestory will help solve this problem that so many people have, including us. Let us know if you need any help along the way and can't wait to see how you use Homestory in your own home :)
Sam McAllister
Sam McAllister@sammcallister · Creator | Instagram
Nice work Allie, been keeping up to date over on the gram!
Allie Taylor
Allie TaylorMaker@allietaylor · Making cool things @homestoryapp
@sammcallister Thanks Sam and I really appreciate the support. I hope you enjoy using Homestory :)