a product hunt first! Post a screenshot of your homescreen

email me yours (shaan @ monkeyinferno.com) and I'll post them here http://producthunt2014.tumblr.com/ If anyone has a better workflow, go ahead and stage a coup
Was just talking with @rrhoover about this....at first was excited to look through the screens, but after looking at a handful it was underwhelming. Maybe I just follow boring people, but really I'd rather see: https://twitter.com/kaz/status/4... Prove me wrong PH peeps! Let's see some interesting first and 20's
updated with @rrhover screenshot + a quick psychoanalysis of his homescreen http://producthunt2014.tumblr.com/
@ellenchisa - I've added yours! tell me if my sherlock holmesing of your homescreen was correct..