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Hello everyone, began its journey almost six years ago on August 15th, 2010 as a simple website that offered anyone the ability to upload and share their iPhone homescreens with their friends and followers anywhere, including Twitter and Facebook, with just a simple link Today, is a freshly launched service where iOS enthusiasts can not just browse homescreens of hand-picked and Featured users, but also upload and share their own homescreens with their friends and followers. We also support the Apple Watch, so if you have a watch face that’s worth taking a look at, you can share that too. In fact, we started off by building an iOS app which allowed you to share your iPhone homescreens and watch faces super easily - but got rejected by Apple (More details about that here : Since the App had hit a dead-end, we decided to revamp the existing website with learnings from the app and optimised it to today’s standards. Give a try - we would love to hear your feedback to make it better.
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@sonaal Hi Sonaal, sweet idea! I have just uploaded my home screen, but do not see it on home page / featured screens. Should I do something to appears on home page / featured homescreens?
@goobkin thanks for trying out Currently the featured section is curated by the team. We are working on ways to make the experience better for all, with a featured section, recently added section as well as the ability to search for profiles. Right now you can view your profile at and share it with everyone.
@sonaal Thanks for answer. When do you plan implement "recently added section"?
@goobkin should be up within the week :)
@sonaal Hi Sonaal, great work so far. How are you differentiating yourself from and avoiding some of the problems they ran in to. and
Would like to be able to browse homescreens of people without signing up first.... I cant really see the platform or who is on there so wouldnt sign up before I knew more.
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@bentossell we do have a featured section on the top right which gives you access to their profiles but we are working on ways to make 'explore' better (popular, recently added as well as search)
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Feature request: links mapping on the screen. So you just have to click/tap on the app icon to see it on the apple store. 😱
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@tchret yes was just about to request that!
@tchret yes! Would be neat though if you could also hover over for a brief app description as well.
@tchret this was the first thing I thought of too! I tried searching for some of the app I saw and wasn't able to find them. A link to each app site would be great! Keep up the good work.
Such a awesome idea, I would have love to see influencers on there (like entrepreneurs) and view apps in categories like productivity, or games
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Android homescreens are much more rich and varying. See r/androidthemes. There's a great culture behind the art of customizing your Android device, hope it'll come to this site one day.