A tool for sharing your home screen and discovering apps

#3 Product of the DayNovember 24, 2014
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@thomasmeagher this seems identical to that. I get the attraction to this data, but I'm not sure why there was a need to recreate this...?
@chrismessina @thomasmeagher We didn't want the data/sharing to be constrained inside a single app, so we built ours in a way that was a bit more public and leveraged the existing Twitter graph. We're also working on some other features that build on this design choice, so stay tuned!
@MattHartman Cool! Does placement on the /top-apps page represent rank? (i.e. top left is number 1) Would be cool to filter by device too.
@thomasmeagher yes, that's how it orders the top apps. the ones in the dock are the most popular dock apps. agree it would be great to filter by device!
Saw all the great guys working on this during the summer while I was at Betaworks. Glad to finally see everything working!
Theory: Everyone hides Tinder from their home screens before sharing theirs. Mine: Only thing I noticed that was off is I have Eaze's website linked under Conveniences and it shows up as cChat Drinken(?) cc: @MattHartman
@stttories lol. Here's mine. Astonished how many messaging apps I have
@stttories thanks for the feedback! We're constantly tweaking the image detection algorithm. In the lower right of the app (share icon) there's also a choice to "confirm app detection" which will let you untag a misidentified app.
@preetnation You're wise to not have food ordering apps next to MyFitnessPal hahaha
Asks you to take a screenshot of your home screen and share the generated link on Twitter. The link will lead back to your page where other people can see the apps that are nearest and dearest to your heart. Plus, the service uses image recognition technology to let you get in-depth information about the app by hovering over any app, whether it’s in a drawer or not. @Borthwick wrote about homescreens earlier this year after analyzing #Homescreens2014 tweets. Also checkout
@kwdinc thanks for posting! I worked on it @betaworks with @toby @dsturb and @mxcl. You can also see the top apps from everyone's homescreens here:
Love the simplicity, @MattHartman. Here's mine: Your turn to analyze my psyche, @shaanvp.
@rrhoover you have some news to listen to, I'd say.
@rrhoover @shaanvp looks like you have a couple emails in your inbox :) Here's mine Newest app for me is the Economist Espresso app. I downloaded it after seeing it on @borthwick's homescreen this morning (
@rrhoover How do you even live with all of those bubbles? At some point if there ever isn't a time without waiting notifications, aren't the bubbles unnecessarily stressful?